School Ambassadors

Our School Ambassadors are made up of our School Council. Eco-Committee, Right Respecting Group and Healthy Stars. Our Ambassadors work hard all year round to find out about the views of pupils at Chesnut Lodge, to keep our school as healthy as possible and to make sure that we are helping the environment.
Our Ambassadors meet regularly in school in their groups to discuss ideas, raise money and gather information to pass on to the rest of the students. Representatives from each Ambassador group join the Leadership Team every term to update them on what they have been doing as well as feeding back to the school governors.


See what our School Ambassadors have to say:

 Connor -Student Council

“I like being a School Ambassador as I like helping the school in making decisions to help make this school a better place.  I especially like helping people.”


Sean -Student Council

“I enjoy giving my friends a voice and asking them for their thoughts.  We have recently bought some new playground equipment, a roundabout and a swing that was discussed in our meetings. “


Jacob -Student Council

“We chose the most suitable playground equipment that can be used by all of our pupils, both pupils who can walk and those who are in chairs.”


Sadie -Healthy Stars

“We have been talking about healthy foods and looking after our bodies during our Healthy Stars Meetings.  We can teach our friends to keep fit by making good choices. We have a ‘Keep Fit Friday’ where we can dance.”


Ryan -Eco Committee

“The Eco Committee are adopting a Black Rhino from money we raised from our clothes collection.  We raised £48.80 for our Committee and £12.30 for the Starlight Foundation for terminally ill children.”


Peter -Healthy Stars

“We designed our own student questionnaire about how safe we feel in school and run our own Health Day where we made fruit kebabs and had lots of fun games.”