Phonics and Reading

Reading Schemes
The learners at Chesnut Lodge span a wide range of abilities from P1 to level 3/4 equivalent, covering ages 2 to 16. To cater for this we use a wide range of reading schemes across the school including The Oxford Reading Tree, Read Write Inc., All Aboard, Lighthouse and Jolly Readers
Pupils reading at higher levels are able to tailor their reading to their own interest and ability level by making use of the school library, newspapers from First News and book sets such as those published by Badger Learning. 
Some pupils also undertake a scheme of 'real life reading' (environmental print) where they learn to recognise common signs and symbols that will support their navigation of the school and wider world.
Pupils at Chesnut Lodge are taught using the Letters and Sounds phonics scheme. This is embedded throughout the curriclum as well as being taught through English and specific Phonics sessions.
For some pupils at Chesnut Lodge the teaching of reading needs to incorporate more than just phonics teaching. For many of those pupils a 'whole word reading' scheme is also used. At Chesnut Lodge we use See and Learn resources to support this and have seen a real benefit to a lot of our pupils.
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