At Chesnut Lodge we understand the importance of modern foreign languages as part of a child's understanding of differences between people in our world. We aim to give all pupils the chance to experience different languages and develop this as a skill if able.  French is the preferred modern foreign language at Chesnut Lodge and pupils also have the opportunity to learn Signalong.
MFL is taught as follows:
Foundation Stage, KS1 and KS2  - Pupils are taught through Understanding of the World sessions and WOW days. Pupils learn about other countries and cultures through their thematic topics and are introduced to single words relating to specific activities.
Key Stage 3 - French is experienced and taught in sessions of varying length depending on the groups of pupils involved. In sensory groups pupils are learning to use signalong and to use symbols for communication. They learn about other countries and cultures as part of their topic work and during WOW days. In other groups MFL is taught in 30 minute sessions weekly, or full lessons depending on the ability level of pupils in the group. Emphasis is on engaging in conversationsl exchanges and songs and rhymes. 
Key Stage 4 - Pupils are given the choice to study MFL as part of their 'options' each year. If choosing this subject pupils take part in a weekly lesson studying French.  Where able pupils may also be able to work towards an accreditation in French.