What does 'Careers Education' mean?
Career education is work that helps you to develop the skills that are needed to think about jobs or work that you might like to do in the future.
Who will help me?
You will think about careers and your future a lot throughout your time in secondary school (year 7 and after). School will help you by teaching careers lessons and by linking the things your are learning to ways they can help you in the future and possible careers. Your independent careers advisor will also help and they will write a report that gives you advice about life after you turn 16 and leave Chesnut Lodge (we call this Post 16). Your family will also help you by taking you to visit possible new schools or colleges, helping you choose a course and talking about ideas for your future. 
What is a Careers Advisor
A careers advisor is someone who helps people make realistic choices about their education, training and work by providing the right advice, information and guidance. They will talk to you about what you like and don't like, what your skills are and help you to think about ways that you could choose a possible career. 
The independent careers advisor working with Chesnut Lodge is called Neil and works for a company called TAGS. You may meet him in your annual review, while doing group work in school or in a 1-2-1 meeting about your ideas for careers. 
You might also hear careers advisors called CIAEG advisors. This stands for Careers Information, Advice and Educational Guidance.
What are my options when I leave Chesnut Lodge?
There are lots of options for ways that people can move on after school. Some will be suitable for you and other may not. Your family, teachers and careers advisor can help you to decide which options may be best for you now, and what may be good for in the future. 
The National Careers Service Post 16 Options page has information about all of the options available Post 16. 
The Local Offer
The Local Offer is a website specifically for people living in Halton with additional needs. It is where all information about living, going to school, getting around, preparing for adulthood and getting a job in Halton can be found. There is lots of information and links to sites that you may find useful, including social activities and clubs that you might like to join. 
To visit the local offer, click the link below. 
Other Questions About Careers?
If you have any other questions about the careers work you are doing in school or want to chat about your options for careers then you can speak to your class teachers or to Mrs Murphy who will be happy to help you.