Chesnut Lodge



"Opening minds, unlocking potential, celebrating success."



"Through high quality collaboration, Chesnut Lodge School aims to equip all members of the school community with:

  • The skills and knowledge to lead a healthy, fulfilled lifestyle .
  • The ability to self-reflect and build on emotional resilience. 
  •  A safe, secure and stimulating learning environment through a person centred approach.
  •  Opportunities to develop understanding of how to stay safe and make good choices in life.
  •  Enjoyable and challenging learning experiences which enable all to reach their full potential.
  •  Opportunities to celebrate each individual’s own achievement, effort and personal success.
  •  A passion for life-long learning by developing self confidence, intellectual curiosity and a thirst for discovery and achievement."


I am very pleased to be able to welcome you to the Chesnut Lodge School Website.

Chesnut Lodge School is a Community Special School that caters for pupils aged 2-16 with Complex Physical and Medical Difficulties and/or Cognition and Learning Difficulties, as well as taking Vulnerable 2's and nursery age pupils on mainstream places.

We have a staff team of dedicated, passionate and highly skilled practitioners who understand the key to success lies in the trusting relationships formed with every learner a who strive to make every day a positive learning day for each pupil. We have a child-centred approach and promote individual achievement and independence, celebrating our pupils’ successes no matter how big or small these may be.

As an aspirational school community we hope to arm our children with the skills, knowledge and confidence that will last into adulthood and support them on their individualised journey towards further independence. We do this through a rich and varied curriculum which not only challenges learners but inspires them.

Mostly though, Chesnut Lodge School provides a safe and secure environment in which learners develop confidence. They do this safe in the knowledge that they will be supported in all their endeavours by a team intent on creating happy memories and experiences to cherish.

Mr John Thompson


This video has been directed, filmed and edited by Secondary 3 as part of their Creative Arts work.