Behaviour Policy Amendments during Covid19 outbreak

Special Amendments to Behaviour Policy during Covid-19 Epidemic


Behaviour Principles


In light of the need for children to behave differently and to follow specific rules on their return to school during the Covid-19 epidemic, this amendment to the Behaviour Policy outlines specific changes to guidance that pupils will have to follow. Our sole guiding principle when making any changes or adjustments to policy is to be able to keep all of our children, families and staff safe and place their wellbeing at the forefront of everything we do. The following amended expectations will be communicated to pupils, parents and staff:


Behaviour Expectations:

  • amended expectations about breaks or play times, including where children may or may not play.
  • clear rules about coughing or spitting at or towards any other person – this could lead to exclusion at the discretion of the Head Teacher.
  • rewards and sanction systems altered where appropriate.
  • clear rules for pupils at home about conduct in relation to accessing remote education platforms.


School Routines and Procedures:

  • following any altered routines for arrival or departure.
  • following instructions on who pupils can socialise with at school.
  • moving around the school as per specific instructions (for example, out of bounds areas, queuing, number of people allowed to use certain rooms).
  • rules about sharing any equipment or other items.
  • rules about use of toilets.


Hygiene and Health Expectations: 

  • following school instructions on hygiene, such as hand washing and sanitising.
  • high expectations about sneezing, coughing, tissues and disposal (re-enforce ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’) and avoiding touching your mouth, nose and eyes with hands.
  • telling an adult if you are experiencing symptoms of coronavirus.


In addition, the following will be put in place:

Mental Health and Emotional Support

  • Curriculum changes to support children, e.g. social stories, circle time, PHSE, collective focus
  • Additional support that pupils can access above and beyond classroom provision if required (e.g. bereavement support etc.)

July 2020