Work Experience Week 2018

4th July 2018

The students of Secondary 3 had a fab week learning about a variety of job roles. They were visited by the staff of 02, who joined them for three sessions. The students worked alongside the 02 staff where they learnt how to produce a CV and create a web page for a hotel that they had designed. Jacob said, “I enjoyed the designing of my hotel!”

Secondary 3 were also joined by two Police Officers form the Cheshire Police Force, who brought a police motorcycle and car with them. The students found out about the equipment that they use and what a typical day is like for them (they even had a go at speed checking their wheelchairs!). Peter said, “It was all amazing, I really liked the bike and the police car”. The students then asked lots of questions about the types of job that are available in the police force.

Finally ex pupils of Chesnut Lodge visited to talk to the students about life at college and what to expect. The students thoroughly enjoyed hearing about the courses on offer at college and all the new experiences they can look forward to in the future!

Huge thanks to all who were involved. It was a great week and students really enjoyed learning about some of the different options for when they leave school.