Sing Up

What is SingUp?
Sing Up is an award-winning organisation providing the complete singing package for schools through resources, training and guidance. Sing Up believes that all children and young people have a right to good quality singing provision, to deepen their understanding of music and singing, raise attainment and develop lasting tools to express themselves with confidence and creativity.
How do we use it at Chesnut Lodge?
At Chesnut Lodge we believe that music and singing are some of the most accessible, inclusive and useful tools that we have. SingUp is run as a weekly session on a Monday morning. Pupils from across 3 key stages gather together to take part in the session. With vocal and breathing exercises, action songs, call and response songs, themed songs, large group choir songs and many more, Singup is a hugely enjoyable session for all that supports many of the skills and targets being worked on by pupils.
The resources are also used as part of the music curriculum and to support theme work across the school.