Secondary Drama project

4th December 2019
Some of our secondary pupils have been lucky enough to take part in a drama project over the last term. We have had the pleasure of being joined by Rebecca from Accent Arts who has worked with pupils in Secondary 3 and 4 to help develop their drama skills. 
The first project was working towards a performance at the Parr Hall in Warrington. The exhibition was part of the Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival which was showcasing the touring artwork, 'Museum of the Moon' by UK artist Luke Jerram. Pupils worked with Rebecca to put together a stunning performance that took place under the moon itself!
The second half of the project focused on the pupils' work on William Shakespeare. The group looked at the stories of Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet and performed a beautiful piece that told each of the stories. There were more than a few sneaky tears in the audience at each of the performances and we were blown away by the hard work and dedication of Rebecca and our fabulous pupils to complete these pieces!