School Leavers

As a special school for pupils aged 2 to 16 we have many leavers who go on to a range of different settings.
Our mainstream nursery pupils move on to a range of schools in the local area such as Ditton County Primary School, St Basil's Catholic Primary School, Spinney Avenue Primary School and Oakfield Primary School.
The majority of pupils remain at Chesnut Lodge after year 6 but pupils who have left have moved onto specialist schools such as the Royal School for the Blind or local mainstream schools.
100% of pupils leaving Chesnut Lodge at Year 11 go onto further education or training at placements such as Riverside College to access the foundation course at Riverside College or Cavendish High Academy sixth form. Pupils who have attended from out of borough move to placements within their local authority.  Please see our KS4 results page for more information on KS4 leavers.