Safer Internet Day 2017

21st February 2017
We have had some of the fantastic work in from this years Safer Internet Day and wanted to share what we have been up to.
Pupils across the school spent the day learning about how to keep themselves safe online and how to 'Unite and be the Change'
Pupils in Foundation Stage learnt about keeping themselves safe with Childnet's Smartie the Penguin. Smartie teaches us that, 'Before you click click click, you have to think think think... and tell someone!' Pupils had great fun with Smartie's story and song and even coloured their own posters with Safer Internet Messages.
Pupils in Key Stage 2 talked about how they use the Internet. They then thought about things that they have to keep safe in a treasure chest and things that we have to keep safe online.
Secondary pupils thought about the Safer Internet Day motto, 'Be the change: unite for a better internet'. They completed exercises that modeled how we need all of us to make an effective change. They thought about how easy it is to fake or alter photos online and how to keep themselves safe from this. Pupils also completed activities about 'Making sense of emojis' and thought about how things can sound very different when written down.
Pupils from Secondary 2 and 3 also entered E-Safety Supports Safer Internet Day Poem competition. Pupils wrote acrostic poems using the words UNITE and CHANGE. The entries from the students were so good that one of their entries was selected as the winner in BOTH CATEGORIES!!! Huge well done to all of the pupils who have also won a years subscription to the service for the school and their winning poems will be made into e-safety posters.