Primary Panathlon at Greenbank

6th March 2020
Some of our primary pupils took part in the Primary Panathlon at Greenbank Sports Academy this week. 
Pupils represented the school in events such as football, polybat, relay races and shot put. All of the pupils tried their very best. Overall the team were awarded 3rd place and brought home the bronze medal. Huge congratulations to you all!
See what  some of the team had to say about the event:
'I liked playing football because we were kicking the ball and trying to get a goal' - Lilly
'I got the winning bowl to make our team win'- Brandon
'I like shotput. You put the ball under your chin and then you throw' - Ollie
'I like hitting the balls with the bats' - Maisie
'I liked the football' - Logan
'The running races were the best' - Oscar
'I was very proud of myself for getting my medal and scoring. I was excited' - Kamron