Anti-Bullying week at Chesnut Lodge

25th November 2016
Anti-Bullying Week at Chesnut Lodge was a huge success! Pupils and staff were using their 'Powers for Good' at any opportunity to spread the word. Take a look at some of the exciting things that went on.
Sensory Base
Pupils in the Sensory Base made a poster to show who they can go to for help when they need it and have displayed it in class to help others too. The children also made a wreath of good friend qualities and decorated it with photographs of themselves showing how to be a good friend.
Secondary 2
Secondary 2 have been looking at poetry. They wrote a poem about the effects of bullying and to encourage others not to bully.
Primary 3
Primary 3 have been thin king about their friends. They have drawn around their kind hands and written the name of a person that is their friend on it.

Primary 1

During anti bullying week we encouraged the children at every opportunity to be kind, sharing and helpful to their friends in class.

Pupils practised sharing their time with adults, sharing activities and including others in what they were ding.  


Primary 2

In Primary 2 we had a discussion about superheroes and how superheroes do good things for others. We all decided we wanted to be our own superhero.

We made masks and decorated them. We even talked about what super power we would have to spread goodness. The power of friendship was very important to us.