P2 visit Speke Hall!

27th May 2022
P2 had a fabulous trip to Speke Hall this week as part of their work on the Tudors (and even got good weather!). The boys loved going on the bus all together. They drove through Hale village and spotted all the black and white cottages with thatched rooves. On arriving everyone had a ticket to get themselves in. They walked all the way round the outside of the house and saw the distinctive timber frame and tiny glass panes in the windows. They followed the path into the woods and then back into the ornamental gardens, which were beautiful. At lunch time everyone sat on the picnic benches to have lunch and played some games on the field. Lots of planes flew over head from the airport and the boys thought they were really close!!! In the afternoon they went to see the Kitchen Garden with lots of fruit and vegetables growing. They also went into the maze and didn't get lost!! The day was finished with a great time in the playground before heading back to school on the bus.