Election Day in 3AA and 4CB!

26th January 2016
Pupils in 3AA and 4CB took part in their first election yesterday as part of their literacy work on persuasive writing and citizenship work on our political systems.  Pupils in 3AA wrote speeches trying to persuade classmates to vote them 'Headteacher for the Day'. Campaign promises included McDonalds lunches, reduced hours for staff, longer breaks and a whole host of other things!
4CB joined the group to take part in 'election day' and after setting up the 'Polling Station' pupils listened to their two chosen candidates battle it out in class. Ballot papers were completed and placed secretly into the sealed ballot box.  Mrs Murphy was called on to be the teller and count up the votes and everyone was very excited to find out who had won!
The winner was declared, the acceptance speech was done and everyone had a great time learning about the process!