Harvest Festival

3rd October 2017
Harvest Festival 2017
Our Harvest Festival this year was an amazing celebration! Primary 2 were tasked with leading the event and did a fabulous job.
The festival started with the Primary 2 'farmers' teaching us all about how food is grown and harvested. The farmers worked super hard to collect a whole host of vegetables to 'harvest' for us on the day. Next we had a whole school performance of, 'Oats, Beans, Peas and Barley Grow' with some fabulous singing and signing. To finish we were joined by the ladies from Widnes Foodbank, to whom all of the donated food went again this year. The ladies told us about the journey that donations take to get from collection point to distribution to families in the area. We finished with a huge THANKYOU message to everyone in the Chesnut Lodge community who donated again this year.