Our Sensory Garden Upgrade

Our current fundraising focus is the upgrade to our much loved sensory garden. Our current garden has been well used and well loved but is now in desperate need of a make-over.

This is a huge project that will only be achieved with the full support of the entire Chesnut Lodge Community.


The Plan

 After receiving initial advice, guidance and planning ideas and working with the school council the following elements were decided on as ‘must haves’ for the final design:

 -         To include as much recycled plastic as possible to minimise maintenance and increase longevity.

-         To include a range of flooring textures providing a range of different sensory experiences.

-         New flooring to be laid over the existing tarmac with comprehensive treatment and preventative barriers to discourage weed growth and distortion (also the most cost-effective longer term solution).

-         A design influenced by the opinions and ideas of Chesnut Lodge students, predominantly our elected Student Ambassadors on the Student Council, Healthy Stars, Eco-Committee and RRSA Steering Group.

-         A design that includes a ‘road’ or trail of paths to encourage movement around the area that can also be used for physical development sessions.

-         Seating areas that could be utilised by groups of pupils apart from the main playground (e.g. more mature students).

-         A multi-purpose structure including light and sound elements for students to explore.

-         The inclusion of ‘bridges’ in the road/trail to add another level of sensory experience and physical challenge.

-         A design that allows for the inclusion of different elements (e.g.  water, light, wind, sound elements, a natural investigation area, bird / mini-beast watching etc.).

-         A design that was as self-sustaining as possible (e.g. solar powered water features, natural light sources, ‘contained’ planting areas etc.)


The Final Design: Phase 1

The final design was chosen at it had included the crucial elements that had been identified and were able to provide many of them in recycled plastic. It will then be added to, to create a garden that all of our pupils can benefit from.


Final Design: Phase 2

Phase 2 will see of the additional features and plants added to the garden. We are very excited about the plans!