Experience of Work Week

19th July 2022
S4 took part in their Experience of Work Week last week. Pupils spent the entire week focusing on skills for entering the work force, routes into certain careers and getting out and about!
Pupils started the week by taking part in a virtual work experience provided by the Liverpool Careers Hub and Regenda Homes. Pupils loved the experience and all felt more confident about the idea of work experience in the future. Pupils visited Runcorn shopping city and interviewed a range of employees in different businesses. Pupils asked about qualifications, skills and what roles each employee undertook.  Pupils also took place in mock job interviews, thinking about their own skills, interests etc. and working on their formal language use, body language, presentation and dress. They especially loved Gaynor's 'not so great' interview example that involved sideways caps, chewing gum and ripped jeans!!!