Embedding Music Technology Project

17th December 2018
Pupils in Secondary classes and Primary 3 were lucky enough to take part in a 5 week music project commissioned and funded by Accent Music Hub. The project aimed to showcase new 'CREATE' resources available on Charanga, an online music site aimed at primary and SEN schools. 
The project aimed to  support the highly diverse needs, strengths and musical tastes found in pupils in SEN/D schools by using iPads to offer pupils powerful new methods of playing, visualising, organising and manipulating music.
Some classes took part in several music technology taster sessions over the 5 weeks, while others were involved from start to finish, developing their composition skills as the project went on. Pupils were introduced to apps such as Launchpad, Loopseque, Bloc Wave, Figure, Thumbjam where they used instrument or 'sample' sounds to create their pieces. 
Pupils in Secondary 2 and 3 learnt about bass and drum rhythms in songs and about how to layer up their music to create a final piece. They developed their listening and appraising skills, often thinking about the 'less is sometimes more' rule and learning to provide constructive critique to each other. Pupils wrote their own lyrics and learnt how simple it can be to draw from your day to day experiences to create a piece, before adding them to the music they had created. To finish, pupils shot footage featuring themselves and their classmates interspersed with random objects, moments and activities to create weird and wonderful videos for their compositions.
Pupils in Secondary 1 and Primary 3 took part in group composition activities, learning to take different parts and play a range of instruments through ipad apps. Pupils played steady beats, composed short rhythms and improvised  on lead instruments to create their pieces. 
Pupils in Sensory Base explored music apps, took part in sensory stories and even played some group pieces. Watch one talented member of the group play this beautiful lullaby for the class (you'll see from the video how well it works)!