Chesnut Lodge School is proud to say that our application to start our ‘Artsmark’ journey was accepted last half term.

We are now committed to raising the profile of ‘the arts’ across the school as we work towards achieving Artsmark over the next two years. We are confident that this will have a lasting impact on the curriculum as it is a whole school journey, where the teaching staff and students will be inspired to think creatively and be engaged in innovative and exciting new opportunities.  The whole school community will be gaining new skills and making progress in art related subjects.

We have outlined the importance of creating opportunities to engage in collaborative working practices within school and with other local schools therefore building partnerships. In addition, we plan to engage with external organisations which will enrich the curriculum and maximise learning opportunities and experiences.

If you feel you can support the school in its artsmark journey in any way please feel free to get in touch.

Clair Ball - Artsmark lead

Find out more about Artsmark by following the link below.